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Union City


Kevin Chen


I am a Realtor working in the tri-city area. I have lived in Union City my whole life and am very familiar with the surrounding areas. I specialize in maximizing your home’s desirability and demand to get the highest price and sell it quickly. I am also very familiar with the neighborhoods and surrounding school systems. Contact me for a free consultation if you are planning to buy or sell your home.

If you are having difficulty accessing this website, please call 510-688-0652 and I will try to help you as best I can.


“Kevin is a top notch real estate agent. Being a first time home buyer, I naturally had a lot of questions regarding the entire process. Kevin and Sunil helped me through the entire process with their huge wealth of knowledge, deep connections, and negotiation know how that can only be obtained through many years of experience working as a realtor.

Kevin specifically is very knowledgeable about the tri-city area having grown up here. He is extremely responsive and followed up quickly to all of my questions. He has first person insight on the school system in the area having gone to some of these schools himself.

Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting task. I was glad that Kevin and Sunil were on my side. It made the entire experience extremely pleasant and I would love to be able to work with them again in the future.”

Chapin W.
East Lake, Oakland, CA

“Kevin & Sunil were very helpful. We are first time buyers & bought a house in the midst of Covid-19. They were very helpful in keeping up with health guidelines.

In addition, they guided us in various aspects like the inspections, post-purchase cost estimation, legal documentation.

They provided help with various vendors as well which includes loan officers etc. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone who needs help buying a home.”

Amit S.
Hayward, CA

“Kevin and Sunil are very resourceful. They help me find my first home in east bay. Kevin is very diligent and is available whenever I had questions.

I definitely recommend them to any first time home buyers.”

Max L.
San Francisco, CA

“Kevin and his team were just amazing – from our first conversation on the phone (because of COVID) all the way to the closing of the home.

They understood our needs quickly (size, budget, school, commute, etc) and helped us find the right home. Even during the month-long closing, he was on top of things and made sure that there are no delays from any of the parties involved.

Had it not been Kevin, we would have actually landed up spending more – from offer to even buying probably a costlier home.

I highly recommend Kevin and his team.”

Adwait S.

Fremont, CA

We are extremely pleased with Sunil’s services which helped us to purchase our new home recently. We were impressed by the professionalism and the attention to detail at each step of the purchase cycle. To begin with, he gave us a good overview of the area we were interested in and took time to understand our requirements. He explained the pros and cons of various neighborhoods and also taught us how to compare schools between those areas. Next he set up a session with us to go over our finances in detail and created a few financial scenarios that can work for us assuming different interest rates, down payment percentages, appraisal variances etc. Sunil provided us with an Excel Sheet which allowed us to put in our available funds and expenses and calculate the Debt-To-Income ratio to ensure that we are not surprised with what the lender comes up with later on. We have never been so prepared and confident with our ability to close the loan in the past. Sunil also got us in touch with some lenders who helped us get a quick approval letter. Based on our financial situation and requirements, Sunil and Kevin setup daily home alerts for us. For the homes that matched our criteria, Kevin provided a summary of pros and cons for the home. This saved a lot of our time as we didn’t need to research all these homes ourselves. If we liked a particular home, Kevin quickly forwarded the Disclosures and set up a viewing. We really enjoyed touring the homes with Kevin as he would reach the property a few minutes before us and give us a tour with useful details about the home that buyers would not identify by themselves. Kevin also provided us ballpark estimates to fix up various parts of the home whenever asked. To put the offer, Sunil and Kevin would then schedule a call with us to go over the Disclosures page by page to make sure we know everything about the property. They also created a spreadsheet which had their own analysis of recently sold similar properties to narrow down what the offer price should be. Sunil also called agents who recently listed properties in the area to get to know more about the current market. All this prework by Sunil and Kevin helped us immensely in being confident about our offer. Even after getting the offer accepted, Sunil and Kevin helped us to ensure we took all the right steps to close the loan successfully and provided us common to-dos that need to be taken care of before moving in. We had to renovate large parts of the home and Sunil provided us with their trusted contractor contacts that gave us confidence that we are going with people whose work has been vetted by Sunil and his team in the past. All this while Sunil and Kevin provided valuable insight and comments at various instances and took part in the process as if they were buying their own home. The level of service was just flawless and they went over and above at each step. Again, we would love to work with them in future and recommend them to our friends and family anytime. You won’t be wrong to choose them and will be pleasantly surprised!”

Vinay K.

Fremont, CA

“Sunil and Kevin are truly the best realtors in all of the bay area. When I first met Sunil and Kevin, they went over our finances and explained how we would evaluate the numbers on each property we considered. They taught us how to quickly read through disclosures. It’s a very strong market, and the only offers being accepted are ones with zero contingencies. We had to learn how to make decisions very quickly. They answered all our questions and continue to answer them now that we are closed.

After understanding the finances, they helped us evaluate which cities to focus based on where we worked and our stated criteria. Each time we received an alert they would provide feedback on the properties, and if we were interested they would get additional detail from the agent and arrange to see the property.

During the showing, Kevin showed us what to look for and how to evaluate the home. If we had questions or wanted to know a rough estimate on how much it would cost to change or remodel certain items, he would give us an idea. Once we had decided to move forward with the home, we then had a conference call with Sunil and Kevin and we went over the comparables and disclosures. We would estimate our expectations for a worst case appraisal value. The bidding process was not easy as there were always multiple parties interested in the same home, but due to their experience and techniques were able to secure our home. Once we got the home, they did not disappear as they stuck with us throughout the whole escrow process until we received the keys. From meeting the appraiser, to making sure everyone stays on track to closing on time.  

Buying our first home was very stressful, but they helped us get past the stress. I highly recommend you to give them a call. They have made that very easy for us as this market is very volatile and there are many aggressive buyers. They helped make us feel confident and comfortable in the offers we made. We fully endorse Sunil and Kevin and recommend them to anyone that is interested in buying, or even selling a home.”

Sagar K.

Fremont, CA

We are extremely pleased and would highly recommend Kevin & Sunil to anyone looking for a realtor. We recently bought our first home and as first time home buyers, this competitive market was extremely daunting. We were glad we found Sunil & Kevin. They made the whole home buying process a breeze.
We had an initial call with Sunil and Kevin where they got to know us and what we were looking for. They gave us a detailed overview of the area we were interested in, the neighborhood, the schools and everything in between. They had an excellent grasp of the current market trend and the area. We went through our finances in detail and created a few financial scenarios with varying permutations of down payment, appraisal variances and Interest Rates. That gave us a pretty good understanding of our finances, budget and strategy. Sunil and Kevin also got us in touch with some lenders who helped for a quick approval letter.
Once that was out of the way, Kevin set up daily alerts. With each house that we liked, Kevin would give us a detailed list of Pros & Cons about the property. This helped us a lot and made our research much simpler. Kevin was extremely prompt in scheduling viewings and sending disclosures.
Touring the houses was also something that we looked forward to. Kevin would always reach a few mins early and be waiting for us at the showing. The showing usually started with a brief overview about the area, the neighborhood, the schools & other facts about the property. Kevin would also give his recommendations about the property and also provided us with ballpark estimates about any work that needed to be done.
When the time came to put an offer Sunil and Kevin would set up a call. They would go over the disclosures with us and point out things that we might have missed. They would list down all the things they found in the disclosures as well and discuss that with us. They would give us their honest recommendations about the property. If all looked good we would go over the finances to gauge the offer price. Sunil & Kevin also have a spreadsheet where they have the market analysis of the neighborhood, this gave us an overview of what to expect during appraisal. After that we would estimate a price that the house could go for and decide our offer. All the above research gave us confidence in our offer.
After the offer was accepted, Kevin & Sunil helped us immensely in the closing process. They were on top of everything and made sure there were no delays. Sunil and Kevin also gave us a list of todos after moving which helped us a lot as well.
The best and the most important part that I personally loved about Kevin & Sunil was that they were never pushy. We were not just another client that they had to close. They were patient and they genuinely wanted us to enjoy and love the home we would buy. I say for that alone I would work with them again. We couldn’t recommend Kevin & Sunil any more highly. We never felt pressured to do anything, our questions were always answered and we felt they were doing everything in our best interest.
Thank you for all of your hard work!

Rohan A.

Union City, CA

As a first-time home buyer, we felt extremely lucky to have Kevin as our real estate agent. Kevin is knowledgeable and professional. He has a high level of sensitivity to subtle changes on the market, as well as the decisiveness that allows him to strike when the time comes. In this highly competitive market, Kevin was able to land us our dream home that was well within our budget.

Kevin only makes recommendations based on our personal preferences. My wife is a light sleeper. However, there were times when I hoped to settle for a home with street/freeway noise just because I liked the layout of the house. Kevin talked us out of it and provided us with a wide list of cons that made sense. Even if that meant that he needed to spend more time on our never-ending house hunt. Now that we have our dream home in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood, it is evident just how impactful his advice really was. He truly is more like a friend rather than a salesperson, as he always took our interest into consideration and helped us in ways that we needed.

Throughout the whole home buying process, Kevin was very proactive and patient. We looked at houses in various cities, sometimes visiting them multiple times. Kevin never once complained and was always ready and willing to satisfy our every need. When we finally found our home, Kevin did all the heavy lifting. He made our home buying process seamless, smooth, and not at all tiring. Kevin is careful and thorough when he walks me through the disclosure and makes price comparisons. No matter how overwhelming the paperwork seemed to be, Kevin has a unique way of breaking it down and easy to digest, point out the shortcomings of the home, and make further recommendations based on the market and my budget. His price comparison was very accurate, as he looked at all the available data in the past few years, and in similar neighborhoods. Even after the process was completed, Kevin continued to keep in touch to make sure we were making a smooth transition into our new home.

To every potential homebuyer out there, I highly recommend working with Kevin – He, for sure is the one!”

Sean C.

Fremont, CA

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We successfully bought a house in the Bay Area in the current housing market! It took us 35 days from the time we got into the housing market, to getting keys in hand. The biggest factor to this success was that we had Sunil & Kevin on our side. Sunil had already helped multiple friends & acquaintances purchase their homes and came highly recommended. Even then, we could not have imagined the level of guidance and support we would receive.

The first thing that Sunil did was setup an introductory call with us to understand our preferences and provide us with quite a detailed overview. There are so many factors to buying a dream home, two key considerations being location & neighborhood. Sunil is so knowledgeable of the neighborhoods in Union City, Fremont, Newark & the tri-valley area and explains everything that one should keep in mind. It was clear that if he suggested a neighborhood to us, it would satisfy all our criteria. Coming out of this call we knew we were in very good hands.

Sunil  also shared a Google sheet that provided all the financial considerations to securing a mortgage and walked through how to determine affordability. This greatly contributed to our ability to go in with confidence and also to ensure availability of funds in a timely manner.

He also set up an automated notification of new listings after carefully considering all our requirements & aspirations. Over the next few days and during the following weeks as listings started cropping up, Sunil & Kevin provided their inputs on which listings we should consider. This factored all our preferences that they had noted during our introductory call.

Kevin sent us disclosure documents from listings that we were interested in and walked us through what we needed to review & consider. He also accompanied us to property visits. His review of the properties were so detailed and his explanations were so succinct, that it was like an educational session. Since the first property visit we knew that if Kevin was of the opinion that a property was worth considering, it would be in great shape.

Sunil also provided a list of lenders that we could approach and let us know who particularly our friends preferred. This was also a game changer as our lender was equally helpful and supportive throughout the mortgage process.

When we found a home that checked all the boxes, they helped us through the nuances of making an offer, provide guidance on associated comps, what constitutes a fair bid and even helped coordinate information from the seller’s agent to help make the winning bid.

Once we were in contract, they walked us through the entire escrow process. Kevin was always available on call whenever requested and provided crisp & clear inputs.

Their help & support did not stop with receiving the keys, providing valuable references for handymen & contractors and helpful inputs around the home. We have an amazing group of electricians working on upgrades in the house, thanks to their reference.

Needless to say that we moved into a very welcoming and close-knit community. The home was also in as move-in ready state as it gets, with minimal issues identified in the inspection report.

Overall, working with Sunil & Kevin exceeded our expectations in every way. If reading this review convinces anyone to reach out to Sunil Sethi real estate, they can thank us later. 🙂

Prosenjit A.

Fremont, CA

We recently bought a home through Sunil real estate. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and concerns in our minds. When my husband and I first contacted Sunil through a good friend, Sunil gave us all the information regarding the current market and shared a spreadsheet with detailed finances. When we started looking for the houses with our needs, Kevin went through with us the home tours and mentioned all the tiniest details about the property. He asked about our priority regarding the house and gave us the time and space to move forward with the house. They gave us all the guidance through the escrow stage. Kevin and Sunil were always in contact and responded to our messages and calls without any delay. The whole process went smoothly within the time frame. They are very professional and patiently guide us through the process in the current trendy market. They also gave us references for contractors. We had a great experience working with Sunil and Kevin to find our home. Thank you.”

Divya G.

Fremont, CA