Real Estate Market For 94587

Market Update for 94587!!! Union City is still a strong sellers market. The average days on market is still pretty consistent with properties only lasting 10 days on the market, but we are still seeing attractive and unique properties selling around 7 days. The...

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VLab Concrete Carbon

We are experiencing record breaking temperatures throughout the globe that are causing natural disasters. We had a small example of what that was like a month or two ago, when the Oregon fire was felt down here in the bay area. Oregon's sky was bright red and it...

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Real Estate Market Update for 94587

Market Update for 94587!!! Not many properties are active in Union City. We are seeing 17 detached properties on the market. This is typical trend of real estate market as inventory tends to drop towards the end of the year. However, compared to October of 2019, the...

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Market update for 94587

Union City is showing very few inventory at 11 active properties, almost 3 times less than last October. Days on market is also averaging around 6 days., which tells me buyers are out shopping. If you are interested in selling your property, please do not hesitate in...

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