Gardening Ideas for Your Home


Having grass in your yard as a filler is a great option, but it uses up a lot of water and there are not many benefits that come with grass. They also do not grow properly as you can get crabgrass, weeds, and yellowing. One option that I absolutely love is drought-tolerant landscaping. More specifically mulch and some native California plants and some fruit trees. I see people going with the artificial turf route for drought-tolerant landscaping, but in my opinion, it fades and it is one more thing that is getting thrown away. If you are interested in doing a drought-tolerant landscape with plants and fruit trees, Costco is a great place to visit. I recently went to the Costco in Hayward by Eden Shores, very close to the borderline of the west side of Union City.

Here are some fruit trees that Costco has to offer. I personally love the lemon tree and grapefruit tree. I saw another great idea for the Lemon tree when I was showing our client a house in the San Ramon area. They had shaped the Lemon tree into more of a bush/shrub and used it like a border/fencing from the neighbor.

*Photo Taken at Hayward Costco

These plants would be great to use as a filler for your mulch. They give off great color and are very hearty plants. The lavender plant is my favorite out of the bunch. They give off an amazing color and they have numerous benefits as well. They are known to relieve stress, can be used as an antiseptic, and the best feature of all is it repels bugs. Specifically those pesty mosquitos.

*Photo taken at Hayward Costco

Succulent is also great option as well. They are very easy to maintain as they do not require much water. 

*Photo Taken at Hayward Costco

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and I hope it gave you some ideas for your landscaping. If you would like to get more ideas on how your landscaping, please do not hesitate to reach out.