Golf – Monarch bay San Leandro

Monarch Bay Golf Course

When Covid started and the lockdown was in place, I, like everyone else looked towards an outdoor hobby, and the hobby I decided to pick up was golf. The reason I picked golf was that you are outdoors, getting exercise, and it is an activity that you can consistently work on to improve. Also, depending on the course you decide to play, it can also offer your a very scenic and beautiful view. One of the courses I absolutely love is Monarch Bay Golf Course. Not only does it offer you beautiful views of the bay, but it also provides great value. For their monthly membership of $50, it provides you roughly 50% off of green fees and it provides you a free bucket of balls every day to work on your golf swing.

Here are some of my favorite holes on the Tony Lema course in Monarch Bay.

Hole 3

This is a beautiful hole that is pretty close to the bay. The hole is about 376 yards, depending on where you decide to tee off. I personally play the white tees. Open fairways with bunkers surrounding the green.

*Photo Taken at Monarch Bay Golf in San Leandro

Hole 12

Hole 12 is another great hole. Very long par 5 at 507 yards from the white tees. The first hit also has to carry over a small creek. The following shots will have to play more carefully as there is a very deep bunker that usually protects the hole.

*Photo taken at Monarch Bay Golf in San Leandro

Hole 14

This hole is a great driveable par 4. Only 278 yards from the white tee. Be careful as this hole has two layers of bunkers by the green. If you do not absolutely flush the drive, then it could potentially end in the sand.

*Photo Taken at Monarch Bay Golf in San Leandro

Hole 15

Hole 15 is a pretty scenic hole. You have a man-made pond in front of the tee box and you also get an amazing city skyline view behind the hole.

*Photo taken at Monarch Bay Golf in San Leandro

Hole 17

This is the last scenic hole you will get at Monarch Bay. A very difficult par 3 depending on where they decide to put the tee box. I seen it range from 170 yards to slightly over 200 yards. Today it was playing about 190, which led to a very difficult long iron shot.

*Photo taken at Monarch Bay golf in Monarch Bay

Golf has a lot of etiquettes and I know it was very difficult for me to learn and think about my golf swing, and it was great to play this amazing game with someone who loves to have a great time. If you are into golf or want to get into golf. Feel free to reach out and we can schedule a time.  Do not forget your sunscreen and water and get ready for an amazing time outdoors.