VLab Concrete Carbon

Union City Market Graph

We are experiencing record breaking temperatures throughout the globe that are causing natural disasters. We had a small example of what that was like a month or two ago, when the Oregon fire was felt down here in the bay area. Oregon’s sky was bright red and it turned ours dark and yellow. 

The sad news is that the temperatures are rising and it is affecting our natures natural defenses to prevent these things from happening. The reason for this is that we are polluting our atmosphere so badly that we are killing our planet. One of the major contributing factors that no one really thinks about is that we are industrializing so quickly that some experts are saying the world is building 12 New York City’s every year!!!!

That is a pretty scary thought, especially if you combine it with the fact that every time you produce concrete to make these large buildings, they contribute to 7% of the annual CO2 emissions.

What if there was a way to not only capture the 7% of CO2, but also trap 25% of the yearly CO2 emissions as well. Totaling of 32% of CO2 being captured everywhere. If you are curious and want to find out more about this process, please join us on October 27th to find out how concrete and cement will be able to terraform our planet. Click on the link below to register.